Time to Celebrate!

26 08 2010

Today is my THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY on the Brain Protocol!!! 

I’m not finished healing, so I keep striving forward.  God gives me the daily strength not to give up.  In this post, I share some of this year’s brain progress which includes my preparation & work with Windsor, my service dog.  Also, there are  my gains with computer abilities, writing, and adding to normal daily tasks.

As predicted and hoped, having a service dog has increased my brain activity.  “TEACH EVERYDAY”  as I work with my one student, Windsor B.  Here’s one of my “teaching moments” from Facebook.  

Anyone want to go MAN HUNTING with us?     “Say what?” Yes, I’ve been a “Man Observer” before, but not a “Man Hunter.” Windsor loves men, but should NOT “Sniff” men when walking by one. Today, we went “Man Hunting,” finding men to pass in the store as I prepped him with “No Sniff.” A man turned to look at me & I said,… “It’s OK sir. YOU can sniff!”

Working with Windsor and his commands, incorporating what he knows and how that can help me, reflecting on what worked today and what needs improvement so as to think through creative solutions, are all ways to stimulate my brain.  Since March, my brain focus is primarily working with Windsor and making all of the adjustments.  It’s a great priviledge to have him in my life!

I continue to work at “remembering” how to use cash/credit cards, how to cook meals I used to prepare, how to read/follow recipes, and how to do laundry.    Plus, now I have my butler-helper, my service dog Windsor.  Windsor helps pay by credit card, carries bags, picks up items I drop in the kitchen or wherever, helps with the carrying/sorting process of laundry, and much more.  (No, Windsor doesn’t get the “scraps” of food I may drop on the floor.  That’s a service dog no-no.)

My interaction with people, although still limited, has definitely increased.  There are days where I can verbally speak and listen, understand language more.  There are days I can type, therefore “talk” up a storm on Facebook. 

  • I started Facebook in March 2010, another stimulator for brain activity and a fabulous way for me to connect with people.  Some of my Facebook friends are disabled which has been encouraging for me to have a few people who can grasp some of my difficulties and vice-versa.  
  • Reading other people’s days via written language is helping my verbal and written language to increase.  Facebook has even helped me to finally begin to understand jokes againI still don’t grasp jokes verbally, but understanding them via writing is a step in the right direction.  Some people say I have funny moments on Facebook myself. 
  • I can’t scienfically explain this brain issue, but I still struggle to respond to emails and comments here on my blog.  Hopefully in time, with more healing, my brain will make all the right connections for me to respond.  I do read and re-read every comment left on my blog.  The heart-felt words uplift me and carry me thru the discouragement of physical setbacks, the joys of remembering/relearning tasks, and the desire to be more in contact with people I love. 

I know that the next year will bring more healing.  I have to wait patiently to see what paths my brain clears, but the evidence of healing over the past 3 years leads me to continue to have hope.

THE FAMOUS “Sir Windsor B. Derby” UPDATE:  Windsor responds to me via verbal commands, sign language, or grunting noises I’m able to make.  Windsor helps me with mobility assistance and alerts me medically prior to episodes.  His ability to alert keeps me safer in public and in the home.  He frequently blocks me from crossing streets when I don’t know an episode is coming which can obviously be dangerous.  He’s my great protector.  I’m amazed by Windsor’s gifts.  I believe that God and His angels alert Windsor somehow.  Disabled people give off a chemical that alerts animals to episodes, seizures, etc.  However, Windsor can detect a problem even when separated from me by being down the hall, downstairs, or outside down the block.  Countless times, he’ll be somewhere else in the house, come charging into my room and alert me, or tell whoever may be walking him outside to “Go back home so I can help Christy!”

Windsor also gives me lots of lovin’, makes me laugh and provides entertainment for other people too!  Here he is learning to play on the slide!  Yes, service dogs get to play too! 

Welcome to my cool slide!

My mom's teaching me to slide safely by staying down on my belly.

That was awesome Mom! Can we do it again this way now?