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MooMoo Lovin' Christy

As some of you may know, I was involved in a serious car accident on February 8, 2003.  This life-changing event has put me on a journey, both physical and spiritual.  It has had a profound effect on everything I do.  I created this blog to share my experiences, with the hope that others will benefit.

  “For those who suffer brain injuries and are looking for hope,

may you find hope in my healing.  I carry you in my heart.”

-Christy’s prayer


The Writing Journey Begins

 I’m so very happy and thrilled to write to you for the first time personally (October 2009)!  Writing shows great progress in my healing by being able to find words, put them into sentences, and hold the thought long enough to type it.  Also, the physical hand, mobility task and brain work to type is major progress too!  THANK YOU to so many, many people – children and adults – who have prayed for me, written notes of encouragement, sent touching emails, and drawn colorful pictures!  Your open heart to care for me as a stranger or as a long time friend, has helped and continues to help me keep striving to heal.  With tears in my eyes, I feel so loved by so many.  It is overwhelming to experience such kindness!  I am truly blessed by you – my unknown and known friends!  Thank you!

What happened?
I was in a car accident in February 2003. I was the right rear passenger and the right rear of the car was hit by a woman on drugs. Sitting at the point of impact, I received a brain stem injury. I was a perplexing case to my many medical personnel as I continued to severely decline over the next few years. Eventually, I was unable to care for myself, unable to continue with my career of teaching elementary students and English as a second language to adults. I face continual physical problems.

Help for my disabilities
As my healing continues to progress, I am anticipating an exciting, new adventure. After much learning and research, I have come to understand how a trained assistance dog can help me, especially with my balance and mobility problems. Since my birthday in August, I am purchasing a new dog, Windsor, my service dog (puppy) in training. After Windsor finishes his mobility assistance dog training in Kansas, I will receive him in early spring 2010, about 6 months from now.


windsor vest

What are some ways Windsor will help me? Out in public, he will help me with my balance, climbing up/down stairs, bracing on him to get up after I’ve fallen, pulling out grocery carts, picking up dropped change, etc. Windsor will be my “billboard” to people that I am disabled and increase my “bubble space,” hopefully leading to fewer times when people rush past and bump me. Unintentionally, people disrupt my balance and their physical contact increases pain, and causes some temporary brain short circuits.

Some of Windsor’s house tasks will include picking up items that are difficult for me to get down to, bringing me a water bottle when my paralysis issues restrict me from getting my own glass, and assisting me in opening the sliding door. As I write this, I think he sounds like a butler! He will open more of the world for me and increase my confidence and security in it. He is a gift to further my independence and decrease my need to ask a person for help!

How much does Windsor cost?  He is costing $7,000. This includes the purchase of Windsor, his training, veterinary expenses, equipment, and the custom made mobility assistance harness to fit Windsor and my height, hand, and balance issues. My private service animal trainer, Heather, will fly Windsor out and train me onsite. This is a major blessing and need for me!

I was unable to qualify for any organizational assistance. First, you are required to travel to them. Thankfully, I can now cope with up to ten miles in the car, but that is a far cry from traveling to any service dog organization. Second, I am unable to do the required 2 to 3 week intensive training program. I can learn and do work with horses for therapy animal training, but being able to follow someone else’s schedule isn’t a possibility for me. Heather will work with me personally and do what my brain can handle. Heather trains me now through our tri-weekly phone training sessions, so I practice constantly and am working to build on my skills. This will make the transition with Windsor easier. Who is the better learner, Windsor or me? Windsor! He is much smarter and faster than me!

As my healing continues to progress, I enjoy sharing many of the stories of God’s constant hand upon my life. I know that this difficult journey that began in February 2003 is not just about myself. I know that God wants me to look beyond myself, to be willing to be used to bring more light to His kingdom and to bring a personal, living example of hope to other Traumatic Brain Injured people, their family, and friends.

On some days, I wonder if God had me lose so much according to my earthly perspective so that I could gain so much in understanding many people’s situations. God prepared me for much of what we consider earthly loss, but I always prayed, “God, if You take away my ability to reach out and care for people, I can’t take it!” I can never fully express when I was living in a silent world due to problems with noise, understanding words, eye difficulties with people moving around me, the inability to speak, etc. how reassuring God was in hearing my every thought, filling me with comfort-peace and instilling the drive to keep fighting.

Now with Windsor’s assistance I am beginning to see how I could become more physically secure and manage being in public for my needs, but also to go places and interact more with people… even school rooms to show Windsor’s and my working together. I can become more independent, more of a blessing to other people, more encouraging to other injured people. Thank you, Lord.

If you desire to help offset the purchase and training of Windsor,

please click here or go to the Donations tab above.

(This is not a tax-deductible donation.)


More about my initial condition…I’ve listed a few of the more serious problems I had initially.

1.      I suffered and lost the ability to use my eyes due to an extreme case of sensitivity to light (photosensitivity). Movement had to be restricted around me, and I was unable to move my eyes to the left or right. For years, I lived in a blackened room. My eyes stayed shut most of the time. To make it to a medical appointment, I wore three prescription glasses for photosensitivity all at the same time to keep out as much light as possible. Then, I placed a dark towel over my face and wore a wide-brimmed hat. The suffering was still great.

2.      I suffered and lost the ability to speak through extreme stuttering. Then I just couldn’t even get words out anymore. I could sing a thought for a moment, but eventually that too was lost. For a while, I sang in my heart and mind to myself, but after awhile this over-taxed my brain. To communicate to others, I tried to write on a whiteboard, but that also wore out my brain and eventually, I lost the hand mobility and concentration to do so. I tried a few sign language words to communicate needs, but my hand mobility caused restrictions.

3.      I suffered from the pain of sounds and lost the ability to be around any sounds. Due to my extreme sound sensitivities (hyperacusis), I lived in specialized headphones to block out much sound. Accommodations were made to keep as much sound out of my room and environment as possible. That also meant keeping people away from me. My eyes stayed shut due to their physical movements. I could not understand their words, plus the sound from their speech and movements made it impossible for me to cope.

4.      I suffered from and lost many physical abilities, including physical movements such as chewing. Paralysis issues developed and smiling (which I love to do) became an impossibility. I had breathing struggles. My arms, hands, and legs became difficult to control and at times impossible to move. I was put on a pallet outside the bathroom door to crawl to the bathroom and only left that spot to be taken to my medical appointments by wheelchair.

What have I regained?

Here are some of my gains since being on a healing program named the “Brain Protocol” for the last two years. Again, these activities are not yet back to normal, but are improving!

1.      I can move my eyes to the left and right, so I can read and look at people’s eyes! (Post Trauma Vision Syndrome)

2.      I can sit in a room with lights on and go out into the gorgeous, refreshing sunshine! I wear one pair of glasses outside, not three specially designed prescriptions for photosensitivity, and I don’t wear a wide-brimmed hat!

3.      I don’t use earplugs nor special Bose headphones. I’m less sound sensitive (hyperacuity). I listen to music! I hear the horses (my three therapy animals) neigh loudly to me!

4.      I’m not bed ridden anymore! I have mobility issues, but I do walk, skip, dance, and run. Movement even includes chewing and smiling! I move pretty constantly, often involuntarily, but what a joy! It’s unique movement, but it’s fabulous to me!

5.      Since summer of 2008, I’ve been regaining the ability to make noise which led to speech sounds, words, sentences and now, whole conversations! This summer, my ability to be around people has increased. I’ve spent time in “conversation” with family and some friends.

Stories from 2009

 Now, I wake up knowing that everyday is a new miracle, a day for new adventures as I discover the joy of relearning old tasks and regaining past activities. For instance, in the last year I have been able to read at least 50 books (many in large print, a few in regular print). Reading was impossible for a few years, so the miracle is that it works my eye movements from left to right, and I’ve improved to read beyond a few words, to a few sentences, to a paragraph, to a page, and now to whole books. Reading works my speech, increases and reminds me of vocabulary, and helps me to track in conversation, strengthen my memory, and language development.

Reading also began to fill some of my longing for people. In books, I made new friends! Books have also helped me grow to being able to spend time with “real people,” which was especially fantastic this summer when after years of this big prayer request, I was finally able to play with my two brothers, sis-in-law (only one could make it), and three out of my five nieces and nephews. In the last two months I’ve been relearning phone skills through which I‘ve been talking to family and a few friends. I call out, but I’m not too hot at picking up an incoming call. I still frequently just stare at the ringing phone and call out “Telephone!” In time this will get better and I’ll be a phone pro!

I’m learning to use the computer, get on the internet, watch Youtube videos to relearn different tasks/activities, type, write and put my thoughts together for emails. I relearned how to make one type of cookie. I’ve gone bowling, which demands major hand/arm coordination, but as long as the ball doesn’t go backwards, I’m happy! When I get a spare (no strikes YET!), I do get excited, which leads to me ending up on the floor laughing because happy shocks take my legs out from under me. It’s still a short circuit in my brain, but it’s improving.

Christy and Tank

On my birthday in August I finally rode Tank, one of my horse therapy animals. It took me a year to get to that point and Tank was remarkably gentle and responsive to me. I love the big guy so much! Many people around the barn who’ve watched me improve physically reacted in amazement and there were many tears, smiles, and laughter. It was a momentous occasion!

In the last two weeks, I had two major successes. I went to a friend’s son’s soccer game twice! All in all, I did pretty well coping with the fast movements, people, and sounds. The second week I struggled more and had to put my fingers in my ears from the noise, but it still shows huge growth.

(Picture: Christy & Tank)

 The piece-de-la-resistance is that I made it to church on September 13, 2009! It was my first time in five years. Again, over all I did well, and then slept for a few days. God’s Hand was definitely involved. The sermon topic was on being good stewards of animals and the special connection between God’s design of man and animals. I have been privileged to experience how amazing animals can be to humans. My big buddies, my horses for therapy, are great stewards of me and I do my best to be a good steward to them. They have been a major stimulus to my brain healing. Words are difficult for me to track, but this sermon topic was just perfect for my level of understanding.


In closing

Yes, this has been Christy writing—amazing.  I couldn’t have done this last year.  God has been hearing and answering your prayers for my healing. Thank you.

Thanks for being there for me… I’ll update my blog a couple of times a month.

Hope for Christy…


To learn more about the “Brain Protocol” and how to contact my doctor, please go to the “Brain Protocol” page.


33 responses

3 10 2009

Great job on this, fun to see you using words and sentences. Way to Go,


4 10 2009
Rick Thompson

Hi Christy,

My name is Rick Thompson. I am a part of The Journey (Generation 16) and we have been praying for you over the last 2 years. What a joy to read your story. I am so excited to hear how God has been answering so many people’s prayers for you. May God continue to bless you richly!


5 10 2009
Mary Anne Voelkel

Dear Christy,

How much I enjoyed reading your Blog this afternoon and meeting you in pictures! I wish it could be face to face. You are very precious.

My name is Mary Anne and my husband Jack and I are old friends of your parents. (We have a little joke about your Dad. Once he invited my husband to speak for him and encouraged him not to prepare anything special. “Just give us “spillage,” he said. “Just let me shake you a bit, Jack, and give us whatever spills over!)

About a year ago we learned of your accident and have often prayed for you ever since. Your blog is excellent and shares many solid answers to prayer. I am so happy for your progress in seeing, hearing and enjoying some normal activities of life—like horse back riding (you are ahead of me on that one!) and soccer games (We share those in common, for I am a soccer mom!)

Christy, I am delighted that you will soon have a beautiful dog named Windsor. He looks very wise and thoughtful. May God supply all you need to buy him and more.

And may he encourage you in the areas that no one sees or really knows or understand—He does and He cares very much.

A loving, gentle hug to you.

Mary Anne

6 10 2009
Barbara Denmark

Wow, Christy! I am so amazed and grateful for what God has done for you! You have had years of hard work and it is good to hear what God has been doing. You have been in our prayers daily and we continue praying for your healing process. God is so good! I can tell your heart is full of gratitude and that is what it’s all about. Your are letting that gratitude flow out so that It can be used of God for others. Your letter is beautiful. God continue to bless you. We love you!
Tom and Barb Denmark

7 10 2009
scott miller


I have been praying for you regularly since I first met your Dad 2 years ago now, and heard your story. Your Dad has become a mentor to me in many ways and I know even though he would have no expectations that my prayers are a way I can give back to him for the blessing he has been in my life and my church’s life. My calling is to serve the broken and needy and I have worked with brain injured people throughout my life. This gives me a an even more special connection in my spirit. I care and through some mysteriuos truth of faith, believe that I can help carry your burden with you through my prayers. I am very excited at your progress and will continue to pray and now follow your progress through you blog. I trust that God will use this as an encouragement for many others.

God’s blessings and continued healing!


Scott Miller

8 10 2009


God bless you! I know your father through Jon Byron and the Journey. It’s been a joy hearing (and reading) your story of how God is working in your life! We are praying for you! And I love the dog pics! He’s going to be a great friend and partner for sure!

In Christ,

9 10 2009
Diana Cranny

Hallelujah Christy! God answers prayer in the 21st Century! Keep up the good work, as we continue to pray for you, your family, and now “Windsor.” We love you. Diana & Jack Cranny

10 10 2009
Marty and Betsy West

Marty and I have been praying for you for a very long time and we will continue to. Windsor is a precious little puppy! We’re thrilled that soon he will be yours. It’s fun to see how God is working so beautifully to heal you.

With our prayers and love! Marty and Betsy West

11 10 2009
Steve Phillips

Dear Christy,

I pray the richest blessings of our Friend and Savior Jesus will continue to be yours. His heart is so filled with love for you, and He is bursting with delight over your persistent faith. From the picture on your website the radiance of His joy beams from your beautiful smile. WOW! You are something else, a one-of-a-kind miracle. I am humbled and inspired by your story. Is the little white puppy in the picture Windsor? He is adorable, and reminds me of my own white labrador retriever named Ginger. I’ve been praying for you since the accident, and reading what you have written, knowing just a little of what you have gone through–I am truly blessed to see His handiwork in you. I cant wait to see and hear about the adventure ahead as it unfolds. You will continue to be in my prayers.

In Joy!

Steve Phillips

26 10 2009
Nita Dossin

Dear Christy,
Look at you, and sing Hallelujah! What a miracle of healing Jesus has granted you, and what amazing new perspectives on suffering and faith. Your father Chuck conducted a discipleship seminar at Park Street Church, Boston, way back when I was a brand new Christian. That gave my faith a real growth spurt. Even then I remember Chuck speaking fondly of his children, and their different learning styles. He loves you still.

Thanks for letting me know how my prayers over the years have been answered on your behalf. My prayers will continue. May you continue to heal and strengthen, and may Jesus Christ show you many new and delightful ways to serve Him. May the Lord be with your dear faithful parents as well.

27 10 2009
Vicki Barilla

Dear Christy,

I have had the privilege to get to know you through your father. I have been under your father’s teaching and mentoring over the past two years. You have ministered to me tremendously in this time. To see your face, your smile, to have you share your story directly through hopeforchristy, you have touched me again, and given me the awesome gift of sharing your life with others.

You have given perspective to our many struggles and perceived struggles in this life. I thank God for prayer and His Grace. I feel a special connection heart to heart, as women striving to embrace and walk with our God.

Thank you for your constant encouragment.

Love and prayers always for you and your family, Vicki

7 11 2009
Bitrus Audu

It was such a great joy meeting you this afternoon after hearing about the accident from your father. Praise be the Lord for the great thing He has done in your life. I will continue to be in prayer for you. May the Lord perfect what He has started to the glory of his name.

With love from

Bitrus Audu

9 11 2009
Deb Gruver

Hi Christy!

My husband and I have been fans of the Miller family since you were tiny. Marty and I met your parents at a seminar in Sewickly, PA probably over 25 years ago. They have made quite a lasting impact on our lives, always challenging us to go deeper in our faith. We have come to know you and your family through your Dad’s “Barnabas” letters.

We have prayed for you that God will heal you completely. God’s timing certainly isn’t ours…another lesson in trust! So, every time we saw the Barnabas letter in the mail, we could hardly wait to open it to see how you are doing. And now, to see your picture (how beautiful you are!) with Tank and learn of the “Windsor” promise, it makes me laugh and cry with joy! Christy, what a lovely writer you are! We will definitely look forward to reading more of your Blog. You are an inspiration and a blessing! May God continue to heal and bless you.

Debbie Gruver
Harrisburg, PA

13 11 2009
Hezron Mchenya

Dear Christy,

My name is Hezron, we met with you on Friday the 06th of November when we came with my friend Bitrus (Peter) for an interview with your father.

What a miracle! Your story is touching, up lifting, and full of hope. While reading your story, I felt the Spirit of God whispering to me that “We should not give up no matter what!”

I admire your attitude, having lost all you listed, it would have been very easy to give up and quit from everything, but you still kept a stead hope and finally the gains you listed.

Your story actualizes this passage in: Romans 5:3-5 “Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; 4 perseverance, character; and character, hope. 5 And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.”

Even when you were suffering, you persevered, and because you persevered, character began to be formed, and in each of the character you saw being regained, hope began to be generated, and now we have HOPE FOR CHRISTY.

May the Lord help us to persevere when all seems impossible (Suffering occurs). May we be inspired by your story of hope and may the Lord do as he has already done to bring you a complete recovery.

Thanks Christy for your welcoming heart you showed us when we came last week to meet your father. Pass our greetings to your family (Miller and Karthy).

Yours in Christ
Hezron and Victoria Mchenya.

25 11 2009
Kimberly Johnson

Always praying for you Christy! Great job on this! 🙂 Love Kimberly

1 12 2009
Al Clifft

Hello Christy, what a wonderful email you sent and an amazing testimony of God’s faithfulness in all circumstances. I remember you as a positive, encourager person with a beautiful soprano voice. Thanks for sharing your journey and your “voice” again.

May God richly bless you as you continue to impact lives for him.

3 12 2009
Nancy Arsenault

Sweet Christy,
I remember Paul being in your 5th grade classroom when the accident happened. He is a senior in high school now! Wow. Your story is touching and a real witness to Christ. Thanks for reaching out and educating us, and keep up the good work! I look forward to one day seeing you again. God bless you and may you enjoy his riches abundantly this Christmas season.
Love, your teaching pal, Nancy Arsenault

6 12 2009
Georgia Swanson

Christy, I’m amazed at how much progress you’ve made since I saw you last at the park. You made you way over to me, and totally surprised me. It had been so long since I had seen you. I admit that I was shocked. Your web site looks great! Those pictures are inspiring. You’ve made quite a journey toward recovery. You are such a lovely girl. It is so nice to see you smiling on top of your therapy horse. I have a nephew in the state of Georgia that runs the therapy animal program for his hospital. He’s a medical therapist. It is amazing how patients respond to animal helpers. I’ll look forward to updates on your web site as you continue to make your way to that full recovery. My prayers are for you and your family. Merry Christmas!

9 12 2009
Sharon Frost

Hi Christy,
My name is Sharon Frost, my daughter is a student of Mrs. Cranny’s. Last year Mrs. Cranny told me about you when I shared with her that my 53 year old brother had just suffered a stroke that left him unable to communicate.

I am so happy to hear how well you are doing, and I am thrilled for you that you are getting a service dog! I live near the horse stables where you do your therapy. I would love to meet you some time. I will look for you when I walk my little dog, he would love you too!

My brother is single, so I am his primary care giver. He has managed to move back into his tiny little apartment since my sister lives a mile from him. It is a little risky having him live alone, but it has been really good for him too.

I am currently a preschool teacher at Grace Christian School here in Lake Forest, however I feel God leading me to work with people recovering brain injuries, in some capacity, he hasn’t revealed his plan to me yet.

I wish you much success with your fundraiser, I know God will provide for you!

I will send you a private email with my contact information in case you ever want to contact me, I think it would be great for my brother to meet you, to hear your story and see how far you have come in your recovery.

You’re in my prayers,

17 12 2009

Hi Christy,
I love the site and Heather is working away to get that little guy trained and ready. Talk to you soon
Jeremy & Heather Hunt

23 12 2009
Gayla Powers

Hi, Christy,

I am one of your dad’s Journey students. I have been praying for you and your family and really enjoy the updates from your dad. Your website is so incredible and love the Windsor pics! I’ll keep praying for your ongoing progress and recovery and that you will be blessed beyond all imagination through your writing. (I get a lot out of writing too).

I just want to let you know I am so inspired by what you said about every day being a miracle and an adventure. I don’t think I can describe the intensity of emotions I felt when I read that in your story. I am going to hang onto those words in my journey with Jesus. You are helping others in their progress too, Christy, please don’t ever doubt that.

Grace & Peace, Gayla

4 01 2010
Lissa Dunbar

Hi Christy,

What an inspiration you are and always have been to me. I have prayed for you through the years but what a joy to read your blog and to get to hear how you are. I’m so excited about the arrival of Windsor and your continued mobility and healing. I know the support a blog about your experiences can be and it’s so encouraging to hear all the people praying for you which includes me 🙂

Love to you from Seattle,


4 01 2010

Your journey has enriched the spirituality of everyone around you. I am inspired every day just thinking about first your lonely suffering and then about your gratitude and positivism. I will do whatever I can to help. You know that.

24 01 2010
Hezron Mchenya

Dear Christ,

Greeting in the name of Jesus. It has been a blessing to hear from your mother Cathy of the progress the Lord is giving to you. I also want to mention of the wonderful parents you have. We see God’s love in them and for a short time we have known them (particularly your dad) we are seeing a spiritual impact in our lives. You are blessed!

I also want to know if Windsor is already with you. Please let us know. We will continue to remember you in our prayers and even more as we take some time of solitude next week to go and have time with God through Generation 18. We love you Christy.

Yours in Christ
Hezron and Victoria Mchenya

28 02 2010
kathy mardaresco

Hi Christy,

I finally read your entire story; hard to do it without tears in your eyes. You are an amazing woman and I am very happy Mare and I are hosting the charity event for you. Our goal is to make $2000 and I don’t see why we won’t reach it. I am amazed at the people who are not attending the event, but are willing to send a donation. I wish you the best of luck and I am looking forward to meeting you one day real soon. Warm regards, kathy mardaresco

15 03 2010
Liane Moeller


We have so appreciated the updates from your parents and now the blessing of getting them directly from you. You have done a remarkable job with your website. It does spill over with HOPE.

Windsor appears to be hand picked by God and we will pray that this becomes a great relationship which will continue the healing process in significant ways.

All our best,
Liane (and Mitch, Nicole, Breanna & Matthew too)

26 03 2010
Otie Nicholson

Dear Christy, I’ve just spent the past hour going over your website; you have quite a story to tell! I am amazed out your courage to hold out for so long until you began to make improvements through Brain Protocol and horse therapy, along with all else.
I knew your father many years ago when we were both students at Wheaton College. He will part of a trumpet trio for which I played the piano. Another member of the trio, Bob Ohman, and I have connected in the past year through Face Book, and Bob has been trying to make contact with your dad. Recently someone named Alan Fadling let Bob know about you and your website, and Bob passed the info on to me. We’re hoping we’ll hear from Chuck, and perhaps he’ll recall the name of the third member of the trumpet trio.
Perhaps you can let your dad know you’ve heard from me.
In the mean time best wishes to you in your adventure of recovery. I’m thinking you must be one remarkable woman!
Sincerely, Otie Nicholson

31 03 2010
Jim and Barbie Murphy

We live in Loveland, Colorado and have been looooong-time friends of your parents. Jim knew your Dad and Mom in Baltimore, Washinhgton DC, and in Pasadena when he was a student at Fuller and helped with the college ministry at Lake Ave. Your Dad officiated at our wedding. I used to babysit for you, Scott, and Dean. Last night I was reading APU Life which we receive because our daughter Heather and husband Michael Clark graduated from APU in 1997. I saw your name, picture, and short article and knew right away that you are the daughter of Chuck and Cathy.
This website is amazing and we rejoice with you in the healing you are experiencing and will pray for an eventual complete recovery. You have been in exile but God has plans for a future and hope for you. Jeremiah 29:11-14

14 07 2010
Nicole Rauch

I had no idea that you had been on such an amazing journey with the Lord through this traumatic experience. I will be in prayer for you from here in Madagascar and continually remember you and the blessing that you desire to be for others.
You and your family have such a testimony of being blessings to others and I pray that through prayers some how I can be a blessing back to you.
I know that GOD is leading you through this amazing recovery because HE has people he wants you to touch.
Thank you so much for sharing all the challenges here as you re-learn so much of life.

Blessings and love,


14 07 2010

I truly wish you well and I am glad that your service dog is helping you so much. Brain trauma is serious and I love your positive attitudes. You will be completely healed soon.

24 09 2010
Lauren (Yuen) Swenson

Dear Christy,

I went to APU with you and was unaware of your accident and rehabilitation until I just read a bit in APU Life. Your reading video was AMAZING and it blessed me so much to see your joyful countenance and hear the beautiful voice I loved so dearly in Bel Canto choir.

I trust you will be encouraged to know I’ve posted a link to your blog on my Facebook page. I live in Utah and a young woman here, whose dad has been working with Calvary Chapel to bring an evangelical radio station to the area, was very recently in a severe accident. I am praying that your story will encourage the Mimms family and the many others who are praying for Carly’s health and recovery. Christy, you are a picture of God’s love and power to heal.

I am also going to forward your blog to my dad, who works for Joni Eareckson Tada (JAF Ministries). I am sure you know her story and how God has used her quadriplegia as a vehicle for her to reach out and encourage people with disabilities around the world. She is currently fighting breast cancer, but continues to be a beacon of Christ’s love and hope in the midst of chemotherapy, etc. I know you will pray for her, and I pray your story will encourage her heart.

Though it’s been many years, Christy, I love you still and will be praying for you. Keep posting to your blog – I’ll be following your story with rapt attention!


Lauren (Yuen) Swenson

30 09 2010
Debbi Long-Collins

I had no idea the depth of your journey but am praising the Lord for the blessings you are receiving daily! I am a cancer survivor and know how precious our Lord is in our darkest days and the comfort only He can provide! Your beautiful smile, diligence and contagious joy were a blessing to me today as I watched some of your amazing videos. Thank you for blessing me today and reminding me of God’s unwavering hand in our lives.
Blessings to you and your progress,
Debbi Long-Collins
(from Azusa Pacific Choir in 1991-93)

5 07 2011

So grateful to you for making this website because I have a brain injury too that I got from being ejected from a vehicle 3 years ago. I am training a service dog and am so happy you got Windsor because I am learning from the both of you. Thank you so much, I know that it isn’t anything to wish on someone but because you have your brain injury I have hope in mine. God Bless you!!!

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