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27 07 2010

Christy, You give me so much strength just by seeing what you do. I don’t know you but I adore you. I think you are truly amazing!
TBI sisters and sisters in Christ,

26 09 2010

Oh Christy, your “Blessings” was so very touching…I have nothing at all to complain about…I am disabled but noting like you…I have degenerative disks in my neck and back…I am in pain all the time but some days are better than others…I am still able to take care of my husband and our home…it just takes longer than it use to…Christy you are an inspiration too me…I did not come across your post today with out God having a reason…That is for me to get it together and get on with it…Life that is…stop feeling sorry for myself and look to Jesus everyday every minute…Christy I love you and hope to meet you one day if not on earth I know it will be in Heaven….

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