A Time for Patience…Update 11/15/09

15 11 2009

At the end of September 2009, I experienced a surprising setback, surprising because I had progressed for such a long period of months. My activities had expanded both in the home and out in the community. The setback was greatly disappointing, but setbacks do occur in the healing process. Right now I am living primarily in isolation again, needing much peace and quiet, and must wait patiently for improvement. Stimulation must be kept very low. However, I was able to help write this update, a sign of improvement already. Right now, I am struggling more with speech, mobility, stimulation around people/television/noises, being in a car, etc. I have been unable to get to my horse therapy, a great need for me. I know that when I begin to make better “head-way” (literallyJ), then I’ll be able to return to my activities. For now the famous virtue “patience” must be practiced!

Windsor Update – November 2009

Windsor is hard at work at almost five months old. He is doing well in public restaurants, stores, and working hard on tasks that will help me. Even as a puppy, he is very intuitive and helpful when there is an ill person around him – a necessity for a service dog. Windsor’s trainer, Heather, believes he is the fastest learning and best dog she has trained. Heather has no doubts he will complete the service dog training successfully. Heather says, “Windsor melts the hearts of all who meet him.” Maybe I am biased??? But, I love Windsor a lot from afar. Here are a few pictures of him retrieving keys, carrying a medicine bottle, getting his leash (and service dog vest), which is “Getting dressed,” opening/closing the door, and playing at the lake.

Donations are greatly appreciated as I am making monthly payments for Windsor.  Please go to DONATIONS for more information.

Enjoy looking and laughing at the growing boy, Windsor. (Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

I'm pointing, like all good retrievers can do!

I can open the door all by myself, go outside, and get the mail!

Retrieving meds is an important service dog skill.

Mom, may I borrow the car? Actually, I will help Christy retrieve items she drops and can't pick up.

Here's my leash. Let's go! I get my leash and vest to go out in public. I listen for the command "Get dressed."

I can close doors too!

Rhea Malloch (14:46:15) : Hi Christy,
It has only been a short time since you inquired for Windsor. I remember thinking how can I possibly send a pup that will help this young woman. Yet at 8 weeks old we picked out Windsor with the help of Heather the trainer and God’s hand guiding us. During this time I met your wonderful family and realized how truly amazing you are. You show bravery and courage in the face of disaster and remain optomistic and show true concern for others. God has truly touched your life and works through you to touch others. Our prayers are always with you. Windsor was a blessing sent from God and I know he will take you through the challenges you are yet to face. I can’t wait to see what comes next for you because I know it will be special.
Rhea Malloch JRS GOLDENS
Linda Harrison (03:41:43) : Dear Christy, I am a friend of your parents, esp. your dad whom I knew when I was in college group at 4th Pres. I have been praying for you and following your progress these last few years and am glad to see how God is answering prayers. I understand how frustrating it must be to suffer a setback but God will continue to heal in His time. Windsor looks like he will be a real blessing. May God continue to heal you.
Peace, Linda Harrison
Sandy Ditewig (20:00:56) : Dear Christy,
My husband, Bill, and I are also friends of your dad, and have prayed for you over the years as he has shared with us. What a joy to read in your own words on a computer (WOW!) of your continuing journey with all of the long periods of struggle and also the joys of progress. May the depth of your faith and trust God has been growing in your heart give you great hope and patience during this latest delay.
You have touched me because I have a special place in my heart for people with brain injuries. When I was an occupational therapy assistant student doing fieldwork with people with TBI, they taught me SO much! I’ve always been a dog person and have a trained therapy dog, Barnabas, a Shih Tzu. Right now, he’s just therapeutic for me and not out “working”. I am delighted to hear about Windsor and pray for both of you as you go through your training long distance and once he arrives. He looks like he’ll be a very special friend, “butler”, and all around assistant for you!
I’ve been meditating recently on Romans 8:22-25 in The Message. It concludes with these words: ” But the longer we wait, the larger we become, and the more joyful our expectancy.” As I read your story, it sounds like you have been “enlarged in the waiting” and are already sharing the blessing of what God is doing within you with others.
With love and prayers,
Sandy DitewigReply
Georgia Swanson (19:35:44) : Dear Christy,
I’m sorry to read of your setback. I do elder care for my parents. It seems that good times and bad times occur regularly. Keep up that courageous attitude. Keep up that FAITH to work for the return of those better days. The puppy pictures are adorable. I’ll be watching for the updates and it will be exciting to learn when you get to have your Windsor by your side.
Love and prayers,



One response

23 12 2009
Scott Miller


What a joy to read what you share. It allows your disability to disappear in the communication we have. You are a great writer and this allows me to share in your life and experiences thus our relationship prospers.

I was thrilled with the progress. I also connected with your comment about the need for Christians to be supportive and involved in public schools. This has been our family’s commitment for years and I connected over our common heart with you.

I am praying for you and your family. Windsor as well. I love animals and dogs especially. I can’t wait for the big day when he arrives to bless you in so many ways. We continue to move forward here towards a recovery facility that one day will utilize equine assisted therapy. So your experiences there are very valuable to me.

Keep writing and tell your Dad (and whole family) Merry Christmas from me.



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