A Gift Well Worth the Wait…

6 04 2010

After waiting over a year for a service dog, here are pictures of us meeting and video training clips worth a 1,000 words…

My thanks to EVERYONE who helped to make this dream come true – praying, donating financially, sending notes/emails/Facebook!

Windsor is 9 months old and will receive more training for mobility assistance.  For now, the goal is to become acquainted as a service dog (SD) team with basics and for him to learn my pace, abilities, etc. 

Some of Windsor’s Work:  Windsor enjoys tugging open/closing doors, picking up what I drop in the house/public, “PROUDLY” carrying items for me, going slowly up/down stairs as I work to stabilize, and laying at my feet as I work on the computer…OOPS!  Correction-ON my feet slobbering!  When he puts on his vest to go out in public, he’s all business!  It’s time to work!

Some of Windsor’s Play:  When he is “Released” from work, he becomes part “Marley.”  Windsor enjoys romping in the grass and chewing up branches (Anyone need help cutting down a tree?  He’ll gnaw it down!).  He’s clearing out the long-hated, ant-carrying ivy in my parents’ lawn…a cheap gardener.  He also loves raw bones (Yucky!), tearing up stuffed animals (They should be headless.), sleeping on MY pillows (Get off!), and like all retrievers, carrying a ball in his mouth while “telling you about his proud catch.”  He’s a talker – sounds like a happy “look at me” growl. 

He’s a love, follows me everywhere, has claimed me with the full understanding that I’m the one to help, and does his best to help.  Anyone around me can already see that he is igniting pathways in my brain to recall/activate, and this brings healing.  He helps to “clear the moss” off my unused brain paths.  Over the next year we will both “season” together…much to be thankful for and to keep striving ahead for more healing.




4 responses

7 04 2010

I am so grateful to be sharing this adventure with you! Sixty minutes had a special this Sunday on a boy with cerebral palsey who made miraculous strides once he got a service dog. Very inspiring! You’ll have your own story to tell.

14 04 2010

Wow Christy… that is awesome! The dog is beautiful and so talented. I’m a friend of your dad’s. Thanks for sharing this video online.

15 04 2010

Christy, congrats! Windsor looks like a lot of fun and real joy! May the weeks and months ahead be filled with new places and new heights with and because of Windsor (and God!).

David (w/ TLI)

20 04 2010
Mike and Pam Webb

SUCH a testimony We cried. We laughed, We were humbled. Christy, your beautiful smile! We were so blessed to see your face. Thank your for your perseverance and refusal to give up or become bitter. Thanks for the humility of ALL involved. It is life-giving to the rest of us. Thanks for the reminder that it is “not by power, nor by might, BUT by Thy Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts”. Thanks for reminding us the HE LIVES, and IS the rewarder of THOSE who diligently seek Him. You surely did.
Pam Webb

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