Designing A 2012 Service Dog Calendar – My Brain Therapy Project

28 11 2011

As a person with disabilities, I’ve spent years where someone else is caring for me.  Now, I have a project where I am able to be the one reaching out to care.  I’m so excited to share this brain therapy project, a service dog calendar, I spent 6 months designing that will be able to help others.  It gives me great joy to raise funds for Paw Pals Assistance Dogs so I can help others via the use of this calendar project.  We’d love it if you could help us in our way of caring via ordering a calendar, but we also love all the prayers and words of encouragement sent our way for your words help me to press on so I can care more for myself and for others as I improve.

Gift donations of $20 or $25 receive a service dog calendar. 

To see more of the calendar up close and personal and to hear my sharing of how I created the calendar, enjoy the video.  To order a calendar, see the directions below the video:

1.  Click on the link for Paw Pals.
2.  On the right side of the “Home” page is a “DONATE” button in black and orange.
3.  Click on DONATE & follow the directions to give a gift donation of $20 or $25 via Credit Card or PayPal.
4.  Please write “WINDSOR CALENDAR” in the comments section of your donation when paying so that Paw Pals knows where to direct the funds.
5.  Then I will be notified by Paw Pals and mail out your calendar.  The mailing process is another good brain therapy project for me.

They make great gifts for teachers, family members, friends, travel agents, doctors’ offices – including the veterinarian!  😀  Happy scheduling in 2012!




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