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29 11 2009
Scott Miller


I got back from the Journey in October and hit my busy fall season and have not checked your blog until this morning because your dad sent an e mail.

I am so sorry about the set back. Clearly God has been moving in that you were able to type the current update so i am praising Him while still praying for more healing to come. Praying that you will get back to the horses soon and will not be so isolated.

Thanks for the pictures of Windsor. He is beautiful.



28 01 2010
A and the kiddos

Dear Aunt Christy

we liked the video of windsor. love, O

nvhnmjhnvgxfhjknn,hccz, love, E 😉

we love you!

3 03 2010
scott miller

Hi Christy,

I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to say hi. I got back from the conference that brought me to Southern California last Wednesday. Being away left me in a hole and I have been digging out ever since i got back.

It was such a gift to meet you. It was a real highlight of my visit to Southern California. I now feel like I know you so much better and this allows me to connect with you in my prayers and thoughts. You are so clearly a very special and courageous person. I saw Jesus in you and that was His gift to me through you. Thank you.

I am counting down the days with you until Windsor arrives and am sharing in the excitiement that this must be bringing to you. I just love anaimals and I know that he will be a very special friend and support to you. I can’t wait.

I had a great time meeting your mom as well so tell her hi for me would you? I also was blessed to spend the time one on one with your dad after I left my time with you. He is an amazing encouragement to me and I can see why you are such a special person.

I will stay in toch and please know that i am praying for your continued healing. Thanks fore being you!



14 03 2010
Jennifer Pastrallo


I received a link to your blog through Claudia Hogue. I was in the Cutting Edge with you at Saddleback Church and remember you always smiling and singing. I’m SO thankful for all of the restoration you have already achieved and look forward to reading about more in the months ahead. My husband Mike rebounded from a serious illness years ago. You guys are total rock stars to me. You have a unique platform to share from because you have walked through intense suffering.

You have always been beautiful, all the more now, love and blessings to you and your family,

Jennifer King Pastrallo

22 03 2010
scott miller


I know it is a big week. I am praying for you this morning and am sharing in the excitement from a far.

I heard you had a good time while your Mom and Dad were away last weekend. I am so glad for you. That is great progress and another answer to our prayers

I will be praying and looking forward to Thursday.


24 03 2010

im samantha. shelly knappers daughter and mackenzie lytles sister. mrs cranny talks about you all the time. sir windsor seems sooooooo cute and i hope & pray 4 u all the time. get well soon.

25 03 2010
Scott Miller

Hi Christy,

I am praying for you tonight and will be praying for you tomorrow.

I pray that you get a good night sleep tonight and that tomorrow will be a great blessing for you as Windsor arrives and begins the journey as your friend and healing partner along with all of us who care and are praying for you. May the coming days be a miracle of healing and progress for you.

You are a miracle and I am praying for you.


27 04 2010
scott miller


What a joy to see the progress and the smiles of you, Windsor and those you love. I am moved and blessed. I love and pray fro you all. I also so love dogs and horses and connect with you there. I am excited about what the future holds for you.

Your blog is awesome. So is our God but much more importantly so are you.

I am praying for you!


23 05 2010
Michelle McFall


I left California in 2003, and while I have kept in contact with some from Celebration, I had no idea you had gone through all this.

I have tears in my eyes as I read your story. I can plainly see God’s hand in your healing, your attitude and the love you’re surrounded with. My dogs are my children and I am amazed how smart they are but I am awed by God’s gift of Windsor.

I pray you continue to improve daily.
All the best,

31 08 2010
Katherine Dailey Coronel

I am praying for you… and nobody else but you… Today is your prayer day and although I wish I was at the Braze home with everyone… I am here dialing you up to our Great Precious Lord !!! …. You are His precious Gem… just lovely…

I also want to wish you a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.. Yes, I know a day early but for women we clebrate for the whole month… Bonus of being female… Birthday Blessings to you Dear Christy… you are amazing, inspiring, and your smile beams ~ JOY ~ JOY ~ JOY… Love & Gentle Hugs to you ~~~ Cheers ~~~

31 08 2010
scott miller

Hi Christy,

It’s been a while since I left a message but i have prayed a lot for you and am blessed by you. My wife Suzi also prays for you.

Happy Birthday. I pray that this day you will know how much you are loved and that it will be a great day for you. I also pray that this year will bring many joys and that God will be very present each and every day as you discover the blessing and purposes He has for your day which includes being a blessing in my life.

Have a blessed birthday!


25 01 2011
Jenny McKenzie Gorcoff

Hi Christy,
Your story is such a blessing and reminder how quick our lives can change. Praise God that HE never changes! I went to APU as well (class of ’91). But i”m curious where you taught because your name is so familar, not sure from College or teaching.

12 04 2011

Hi Christy,
You don’t know me, but my name is Leanna and I came across your site from a youtube video. You are just the most charming, delightful woman I have ever seen. You are so beautiful and I felt I needed to tell you this, as all beautiful women should be told. 🙂 I am inspired by your positivity, your determination, and your spiritual outlook towards your brain injury. You are stunningly pretty and have the sweetest voice in the universe. Your dog Windsor is adorable, I am so happy that you have him. God has blessed you in so many ways. I am so thankful to have come across your site! You are in my prayers for a full recovery. -Leanna

7 10 2018
Jeri Davini

Hi Christy and mom!
I just read your post and I’m so glad you asked for help. I know it’s hard to do, but, to me, it’s such a blessing to give to others. You are in my prayers and I am going to donate right now!
Much love,

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