Windsor’s Pictures

DONATION UPDATE:  The basic cost of $7,000 has been raised which  includes Windsor’s purchase, training, service dog equipment, and medical.  I’m so grateful and am enjoying him since he arrived at the end of March 2010.  Any additional funds donated will be applied to the next year as Windsor and I receiving more training, for the cost of recertification, for materials, etc.  

Windsor will be “mobility support harness” trained beginning late summer.  It’s probable he’ll need two custom made harnesses in the next year as he grows.  His equipment costs are higher because of my special needs.  With materials made from chemicals (polyester, nylon, rayon, etc.) or difficulty with certain metals, I stop breathing and my brain short circuits causing great physical stress.  For me to breathe and decrease my short circuits, ALL of Windsor’s equipment must be made from natural materials – cotton, cotton thread, vegetable dyed leather, sheepskin, etc.  Windsor’s equipment includes specialty collars, a variety of service dog leashes for my mobility assistance, vests, patches, harnesses, etc.  Many of his toys must be made from only natural materials to pass my “breathing” test so that I can play with him when he isn’t working. 

This is my favorite picture of Windsor in his working vest. 

I'm posing in my "Service Dog" vest. By the way, I LOVE SNOW!











Enjoy!  These are pics from Windsor training in Kansas with his trainer, Heather.   Click on any image to enlarge it.

Advanced off-leash training

Mom, may I borrow the car? Actually, I will help Christy by retrieving items she drops and can't pick up.

Heather, my trainer, and I are taking a break from training at the mall.

Retrieving meds is a very important skill.
I can open the door all by myself, go outside, and bring in the mail!

I can close doors too!

Here’s my leash.  Let’s go!  I get my leash and vest to go out in public.  I listen for the command “Get dressed.”

Run, Windsor run! It's time to play, not work.

Chase a bunny? I am a bunny!

Table for two, please. I must be calm and focused on my job in public.

I'm "Sir Windsor" practicing good table manners - no sniffing, barking, frolicking, or eating.

I’m pointing, like all good retrievers can do.

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22 01 2010

May I put a link to your blog on my website’s home page? – in an effort to get more funds to you? My website is

Have you tried writing to some of the famous pet TV and movie star personalities? – Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Glenn Close, ???

24 03 2010

i’m shelly knappers daughter also knaow as mackenzie lytles sister. im in chorus and mrs. cranny talks about you all the time! i hope and pray for you all the time and i hope you get better.

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