My ABC’s Back to Reading

12 09 2010

My reading a paragraph is dedicated to my “Special Reading Buddy,” Hailey Dugas!  She’s another trooper working to read and speak the words outloud!  We can both do it!

This is a “first” for me.  It’s my first time to reveal much of my speech which takes great effort.  It’s a first to read outloud on video.  All week, I practiced reading the paragraph to prepare for this debut.  For those who knew the “Old Christy,” “New Christy” sounds different.  It’s common for brain injuries who learn to speak again to have a high pitch.  As I’ve progressed in my healing, my pitch is lower at times and higher at other times.

You’ll also witness “Little Brain.”  I have involuntary speech.  As far as we know, I’m the only patient on the Brain Protocol who has this unique reaction.   “Little Brain” is my “Happy Brain,” the “Cheerleader” you’ll hear.  It bubbles out of me and reveals my true spirit.  I’ve cheered myself on through much of my struggles to heal.  I love to cheer on others in their lives too.  As I continue to heal and normalize more, my involuntary speech decreases, but inside I’m still thinking, “Yea for me!  Yea for you!  Wheeeeee!”  




One response

13 09 2010

My sister in law, daughter and I just watched your video and were so blessed! Thank you for having the courage to share this. Yeah for you and us! Thank the Lord. Bless you friend.

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