The “Butler” Helps with Yummies

26 09 2010

The "Butler" Pose - "How may I help you?" (6 months old)

Prior to Windsor arriving here from Kansas, I described Windsor in jest as to how he would be my “butler.”  Rather than asking a person, my butler, A.K.A. my service-dog named Sir Windsor B. Derby, assists me as much as possible.  Sir Windsor helps provide me more independence. 

Now that my “butler” is here, I thought you might like to see him in action.  In the first video, Windsor, “The Butler,” demonstrates service dog tasks as he helps me to prepare HIS yummies.  Windsor decreases some of my physical difficulties by picking up and carrying his bowl, by tugging open the door which is often painful and sometimes impossible to do, and by closing the door behind me which keeps me from being dizzy.  In the second video, the butler helps me prepare MY yummies.  (Sidenote: “Busy” is my word used ALOT when I get confused and struggle to think or find the right word.)




5 responses

27 09 2010
Trish Councell

The videos are wonderful. Looks like you and Windsor are going to make a great team!

27 09 2010

Christy both you and winsor are awesome and i am so very proud to have you both as my friends 🙂

27 09 2010

What a beautiful “butler” you have :O) Golden retriever, I’m guessing? And such a good boy! Very smart. Looks like you two are a great team. Congrats!

28 09 2010
Barbara Denmark

What a blessing to see you working with Winsor! The videos are amazingly made! God bless you two as you learn to work together even more.
Much love,

29 09 2010

we had fun watching your videos, Aunt Christy. O&E help make shakes too! great to see you and windsor working together.

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