A New Friend Arrives: Our Mobility Harness

4 10 2010

This Thursday is a big day for Windsor and me.  We officially start our formal mobility harness training.  For the past couple of weeks, we were instructed to “get the feel of it.”  Below is one of our “get the feel” of it sessions, mistakes and all.  In the beginning of the video I teach since it’s still in my blood!  P.S.  If the words are too fast, just click on the play/pause button to pause the video for a moment.




2 responses

4 10 2010
Katherine Dailey Coronel

Dear Lady Christy & Sir Windsor…. wow, lots to learn indeed, and you both are truly working so hard, BRAVO !!! YOu show that hard work pays off.. You are such an inspiration !!! I pray for you both, as God has woven you 2 together, with such adventures and stories of faith, courage, love and tenancity…. ~ Praying up & Cheering ~

9 10 2010

My husband, Steve, and I think you both deserve a treat! That is hard work and we are so proud of you for your courage and perseverance. You both looked beautiful and did a GREAT job. Our grandsons, Milo 4, Calvin 3, and Oliver 1 love watching you and Windsor live together. We are praying for you! Keep it up Christy. Practice does make perfect!

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