Professor Windsor’s Class = In Session

9 10 2010

Christy & Windsor ~ The service dog and teaching team


Dear Mom,

     A few weeks ago, I approached you and asked if I could write something for the blog.  I wanted to share my expertise and write a service dog page ALL by MYSELF!  Mom, although I caught you sneaking a peak a few times, and I threatened to change the adminstrator password so you couldn’t see my writing until I finished, thanks for waiting to do the full “teacher check,” the proofreading til I finished.  I think I did a GRRRRRREAT job!  Now I see why you like teaching so much!  I think we make a great teaching team too!

Love, your humble and adorable ~ Professor Windsor


Dear Professor Windsor,

     WOW!  You definitely reveal how you are quite the service dog expert on your new “I Am A Service Dog” page on the blog.  I’m quite impressed with the amount of information you shared.  It’s quite thorough and I believe it will help educate others, as you wanted to do.  There were only a few grammatical tweaks for me to make here and there! I’m very proud of you and how we are continuing to learn and grow together!

Love, your caring Mom

P.S.  To everyone, here is a peek at “Going Into Public As A Service Dog Team,” one of the videos on “I Am A Service Dog,” the new informative blog page about service dogs written by Professor Windsor, A.K.A. Sir Windsor B. Derby.

If you’d like to learn more from Professor Windsor, click on “I Am A Service Dog” at the top of the page or on the following link.




One response

20 10 2010

It sounds like Windsor and you are working hard. Lots to learn! Keep persevering Christy and Windsor. It was very interesting to learn about the whole process of becoming a service dog…a special dog indeed, for a special woman. We are praying for you both!
love, grace and family.

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