Sweet Dreaming in My Campground

21 11 2010
I’m officially a camper!  I’m completely addicted!  I camp more NOW than ever!  I camp EVERY night!  My bedroom is my official “campground.”  I’d love to truly camp in the great “outdoors,” as I’ve treasured those moments in my past, but doing so every night is a bit unrealistic! Camping in the great outdoors even once right now would be too much change to my routine, a struggle for many with TBIs (Traumatic Brain Injuries), and is well beyond my physical limits, but apparently there is another way to bring the camping experience to my very own bedroom!

In the past few weeks here, many changes to reduce electrical issues (EMFs=Electric~Magnetic Fields) during the day and the night have been made to the house.  A building biologist, who is an EMF consultant, and a team of electricians have been my “camping guides.”  After analyzing the house, the two primary rooms from which I operate had a high amount of EMFs emitting from the wires in the walls, floor, and ceiling.  There were 2,500 milliVolts of electric field exposure within 8 feet of my bed ~ under me, over me, and beside me!!!  It didn’t matter how many items I turned off or pulled out of the wall ~ tv, computer, stereo, power strips, lights, etc. ~ phantom electricity still runs through the wires in the walls, floor, and ceiling. 

The high milliVolts made it easy to see why I (and many people) am struggling to “break through” for more physical, brain/body healing.  The EMF team set out to reduce the milliVolts to be UNDER 100.  Eventually, they reduced the electric field exposure to now be at 60 milliVolts when I sleep!!!  This major reduction in electricity SIMULATES CAMPING in the wilderness, away from cell phone towers, power lines, and more.  (To learn simple tips you can use in your house, please visit http://www.createhealthyhomes.com.) 

By taking electricity away from impacting my body, it improves my quality of sleep, thereby allowing my brain and body to “recharge” in hopes to bring more and faster healing, especially to the physical issues that cause me to so struggle with electricity.  It is a great hope that “Camping” with the reduced milliVolts will allow my pineal gland, a very weak point in my brain, to heal, to relax with less stress, and in turn produce more melatonin, a much needed hormone for proper sleep and restoration. When the “switch” in my room turns off the electricity, there is an instant “Aaaahhhh….” as I feel the relief instantly.  Somedays, I leave it off in the daytime, enjoying the relief when I’m awake also.   

The "Camping Switch" to turn off all the electricity, including what's in the walls, floor, and ceiling is on the right. It is currently in the "On" position, so electricity is in normal operation mode. The left switch is for the light in the room and can only operate if the "Camping Switch" on the right is in the "On" position.

I’m still adjusting to when the “Camping Switch” is turned on and the electricity instantly bolts back through the house.  I’m so sensitive to ANY electrical change whether in the house or in public that my breathing can stop, my legs can collapse, and I can experience unbelievable pain.  I’ve found it’s easier for me to go outside and come back in after the switch has been turned on and the electrical change occurs within the house.  In time, with more healing, we hope that will become easier on me.  In the meantime, Windsor is learning to turn off and on the switch as I need it.  It’s interesting to note the impact the switch has on my parents.  They too “feel” a difference in their sleep, waking up more rested.  I believe Windsor is having more well-rested sleep because he is brighter, more energetic, and more ready to learn and work each day.

Some of you may remember I experienced a major and dramatic setback at the end of May due to a cell phone being on in the house. (Cell phones, cordless phones, laser devices, “wireless” electronics are some of the devices not allowed in here.)  That one painfully excruciating and frightening incident left me extremely susceptible to many problems with electricity and I lost about two years of ground I’d made in overcoming certain problems.  It made for many difficult moments for me and for those around me throughout the summer and into the fall. Physically, I lost “much ground” as I struggled to speak, could not cope with much electricity, needed help with many basic daily tasks, could not walk beyond a few steps for about a month, and more.  I was primarily housebound again and bedridden many days.  Emotionally there were moments of discouragement, frustration, and crying to God via my silent words at not being able to be part of this overwhelmingly, electronically filled world.  At the same time, medically, emotionally, and spiritually I’m thankful that I was not and am not without hope. 

An example of brain progress is that I made Windsor's candy corn costume. It took me 6 months to process how to make a gentle leader for him. This vest only took a few weeks. Windsor REALLY ENJOYED people taking treats from his pumpkin bucket!


One of the fruits of this hope is the precious “camping” gift, the process of which began on my August birthday, which was one of my “rougher” days physically.  A dear friend, who has been a prayer warrior for me on this journey, has researched electricity and the impact it has on the human body and functioning powers.  With his knowledge and his contacts, he provided all of this new help within the house, for which I’m beyond grateful!  Over the past months, I’d been discouraged at times to have to “repeat” ground I’d already covered in the past three years of healing on the Brain Protocol and I didn’t have too many “New Brain Busies” to share.  However, since the “Camping Switch” was put in, I’m bounding forward again in my healing process, and many around me are SURPRISED at what I’ve been able to do!  In a few days I’ll post a video that shares and shows some of the joys!   

So “Sweet Dreams” to everyone! Thank you for your support, your time, and your encouragement!  I’m off to my campground where I camp in my own bed, with my own comfee pillows under my head, and with a certain fur~ball who’ll be next to me or close by to alert me. Oh! I see he’s already beat me to the campout! “‘Sweet Dreams’ everyone!”

Camping gear ready? Check! Fluffy pillows, comfy bed, active mobility/medical alert dog ~ optional tennis ball.




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21 11 2010

thanks so much for educating all of us Christie! We are truly grateful for this amazing step forward. May God give you sweet rest day and night. with hope and love, your friends in Bakersfield.

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