Windsor’s Medical Alert and We Ride the Escalator

22 11 2010

Many have asked, “What does Windsor do to alert you?  What does an alert look like?”  It’s hard to capture the moment on film PRIOR to the alert to an episode starting.  However, we were filming about our preparation as a service dog team to ride an escalator when Sir Windsor began to alert me.  Windsor’s medical alert begins at 1:07 and ends at 3:36ish.  This shows one example of how he alerts me if I am standing.  He alerts differently if I am sitting or lying down.  Following the alert, I continue discussing our preparation for safety on an escalator and then we demonstrate our escalator techniques as a service dog team. 




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22 11 2010
Nanamel Kaucher

Christy you and Windsor are so my Heroes, that video is awesome, and i have a small confession to make with my mineres symdrome which most nerve deaf folks have, i am terrified of those things. I was glued to the screen with total awe at how you two work together, you look so comfortable with each other. I am so glad you made this video.

I really learned a lot that is by far the best video i have ever seen with a medical alert dog, it really explained a lot. Ok On a personnal note it was really cool to hear your voice instead of talking via text, i love being able to see my FB friends just being themselves, thank you for sharing your world with me

Hugz and Smiles, Mel and Max

22 11 2010

Hey Christy,
You and Windsor are a great match for eachother. I’m a puppy raiser and it’s noce to realy see what ending is to a year of love and training on my end. Thanks for the video!

23 05 2011

Christy, I am amazed to see you not holding onto the handrail on the escalator. I must use it going up and down because with my bad balance I am afraid of falling…….Do you fear not using it?


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