Keepin’ At It

25 04 2011

One of the results from my brain injury setback in January, is that my mobility struggles more frequently.  I must “keep at it,” working to help my brain reconnect those signals.  

In this video, I am working to progress with walking.  Windsor does have a mobility harness which helps me to balance and walk more easily, but in this clip, he’s wearing his vest and yet can still help with my balance.  Windsor helps me to walk with more stability, to cross the street safely, and he performs a medical alert.  My talking is limited from my brain injury, and is even more reduced from the setback.  I do not verbally communicate to Windsor much because it takes great concentration for me to focus on my steps.  Notice how Windsor still knows what to do even with my limitation(s).

Sometimes service dogs’ work is a “game” to them and their tail wags alot.  Here, you’ll witness no tail wagging, as Windsor is concentrating on the seriousness of his work, something he does with great pride.  Before we cross the street, you’ll see Windsor blocking me and studying something coming towards us.  He is not distracted.  The camera was unable to show that he is watching a bicycle approach and pass us.  You will see the bicycle pass us safely, and then of his own initiating, Windsor moves into the “Heel” position on my left and determines when it is safe for us to cross the street.  This is amazing for any animal to determine, even more so by the fact that Windsor has received no formal training as to do this.  His instincts, his protection, and his care astounds me daily. 

The hooded sweatshirt I’m wearing is made with special fabric and helps to protect me from EMFs, something I greatly struggle with daily.  It is from




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26 04 2011

Hi Christy! So happy to get a post from you. We continue to pray for your recovery. We wanted to watch the video, but when we clicked on it we got a msg saying it was malformed. Hopefully it will work soon. We’d love to see you and Windsor. Keep at it friend.
With hope,
Grace and Steve

28 04 2011
Monica Maria Brillhart

Hi Christy! Have been getting your posts for a while now, and we are so encouraged by your perseverence and by God’s faithfulness thru Windsor. His providence through him is astounding. He is so good at taking care of your needs. Thank you for sharing with the world your journey, you are indeed blooming where you have been planted. Looking forward to your next post
Monica B.

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