“The Royal” Graciously Invites “The Commoners”

28 04 2011

“The Royal” Sir Windsor B. Derby would like all of his favorite “Commoners” to join in the “Royal Windsor Wedding” tomorrow, bright and early!

“The Queen” asked me, Sir Windsor B. Derby, to carry the soon-to-be Princess Kate’s train.  Other members of the Royal Family believed I’d be a fantastic ring-bearer.  But, being a true British gentleman, I was concerned my dignified demeanor might steal a moment of Kate’s glory…so I politely declined, but will be attending with the other “Royal Windsors.”

Today was a beautiful day for tea to prepare for the excitement of the coming nuptuals of my fellow Windsor family member and countryman, Prince William, and his soon-to-be bride, Princess Kate.

“Hip ~ Hip ~ Hurray! Cheerio I say!”

Anyone can enjoy “High Tea,” so I invited a commoner to share in the experience of strawberries, cream, English biscuits, and of course, delightful tea.

As I am “Sir Windsor B. Derby,” I am of pure “Royal” British Cream Golden Retriever lineage.

“The Commoner’s” heritage is different though. She descends from a mixed lineage ~ Dutch, Scottish, English, Irish, and German.

Obviously, this commoner is quite impressed to have tea with a member of the “Royal Windsor Family.”


Please remember the “Royal Wedding” is a formal affair, so black ties, cravats, and of course, the “Windsor Knot” is quite acceptable by the English gentry.

Of course all the Windsors have formal invitations to attend the ceremony, but I welcome ALL to join our celebration by watching it via television or other media.

I look forward to seeing all the other members of the “Royal Windsors” in just a few hours!  Cheerio now!




3 responses

28 04 2011

Oh my goodness, Christi! This is amazing! It looks as if you really had a great time. Sir Windston B. Derby sure does look like royalty. I love your hat. It looks like you are both doing well. Keep up the good work.
Your biggest fans,
Sarah and Teddy Bear

29 04 2011
Mike Madigan

Hi Christy !

Carol and Michelle have accepted Windsor’s invitation. They are in London and will be part of the celebration. Our daughter Michelle is there working for NBC Dateline and Carol is there to keep her company and take lots of photos!

I saw the photo of you and Windsor at Target and I’ll make sure you get a copy of it as soon as my world traveling, jet setter wife returns to the US.

Thanks for always waving and giving us smiles. You are amazing!

Mike Madigan

1 05 2011

I love that you got the dog to hold the flag… that’s cool! He looks quite regal in the photos.

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