Family Visits! It’s a Lively Zoo!

22 06 2011

My nephew and Windsor absolutely loved each other!

The past five days have been marvelous!  One of my brothers and my oldest nephew came for a visit.  I last saw my nephew three years ago.  I was house bound then and just beginning to speak words a few minutes each day.  This year, I was NOT house bound.  I surpised them at the airport, we went to the beach, we ate at a small pizza cafe, we went for a long exercise time, we went to the zoo, and my nephew taught me how to use a SUPER-SOAKER!  So, YOU better watch out!  I have good aim!  (smirking smile)

Two years ago, I last saw my brother.  By then, I was able to walk and jog a few times a week.  We worked out together one time that visit.  That was a precious moment to share as brother and sister, something we’d not done for many years.  On that walk/jog we talked about our needs, our ways to pray for each other.  I shared with him how I felt God was calling me to begin the process of finding a service dog.  Since the brain injury, I’ve learned alot about having faith and putting my trust in God when He leads me through what may feel impossible at times.  As my brother and I talked, I shared that I had no money for a service dog, I didn’t have the answers as to how to acquire a service dog, I had no idea how God would lead, but I knew He was pushing me strongly into another area to build my faith and trust.  What a grand time that on this visit, two years later, my brother met that service dog that he and I prayed for.  Here we are walking on the beach together (another sign of progress for sand is difficult), all three of us, brother, sister, and the newest family member, Windsor B.

Here is a video of my parents, my brother, my nephew, Windsor, and me going to the zoo.  I’ve dreamed of visiting this small, local zoo for years for it would mean another AMAZING moment of progress.  I’ve wanted to go for the past year, but continued to face obstacles in this brain recovery journey. I’ve loved zoos for years, but it’s a whole new experience going with a service animal!  If you’ve never been to the zoo with a service animal, come along and join us!




One response

23 06 2011

Hi Christy,
It always amazes me how God does work and provide for us even when we can not see how it will ever work out. I am so glad you are having a good visit with your family.
Take care,
Sarah and Teddy Bear

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